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Searching the universe for aesthetic splendor, Mr. Merz travels the far corners of the earth. Enduring monsoons, snake-infested territories, and bouts of Burma belly, he attempts to find treasures with a cultural heritage. Mr. Merz is not about mass production, but rather the preservation of arts threatened by the greedier side of globalization. Join him on an adventure to discover as well as uphold items of history and integrity. 

>>>The Golden Triangle<<<

The entire concept of Mr. Merz began with a trip to the Golden Triangle (Myanmar, Laos, Thailand). A region filled with gold, rubies, and ancient secrets, the Golden Triangle pulsates a tangible warmth. Whether walking through ancient temples or bustling markets, you feel beads of energy nuzzle the nape of your neck. 


The bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey represents a country with one foot in the future and one foot in the past. Globalization has shifted the famed turkish hand woven textiles to factory machines or Chinese production. After intense searching, Mr. Merz discovered a means to connect with the last weaving families of Turkey 


A culture rich in weaving traditions, Mexico's region of Oxaca produces delicate embroidered works as well as strong tasseled sheets of cotton. All the pieces selected by Mr. Merz are handwoven by a family of 10 weavers and use only natural fibers and dyes.